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Shipping Policy (updated 7/15/14)  

1. Introduction
We want to thank all of our customers for their patronage since Direct Source opened its doors in 1988. As we have grown, we are now servicing the local DFW delivery needs of thousands of restaurants, service stations, offices, and other retail businesses. We own and operate a fleet of 8 delivery trucks. Our local route drivers complete 25-45 deliveries per day depending on the number of orders from the previous day. Tuesdays are typically our heaviest delivery day due to heavy call volume on Mondays. Occasionally this requires us to outsource some of our deliveries to third party carriers. We also process around 400 UPS packages per day and many pallet and truckload deliveries.

2. Free delivery
Direct Source has set an expectation over the years for free next day delivery in the DFW area. Due to our exponential growth and the number of special requests we try to accommodate, we find it necessary to clarify what constitutes a reasonable expectation for this service. In order to expect free next day delivery in the DFW area we request that all orders be placed by 5pm. This includes stock items in our full line catalog and all office products. We maintain a 96% fill rate for all orders placed by 5pm and will continue to strive to meet this expectation. While we cannot guarantee next day delivery or a 100% fill rate we continue to improve our efficiencies and will work diligently to continue to improve. We do ask that you understand that orders placed after 5pm for stock products may very well be delayed by one business day. Special orders and custom print orders vary depending upon the product. Your salesperson can help with these expectations.

3. Geographical limitations
We are centrally located in Flower Mound, Texas. Our fleet of trucks deliver the Dallas Fort Worth area and most adjoining areas. Some areas are serviced on Mondays and Thursdays only. For a complete list of zip codes we service on our delivery trucks please visit www.directsourceorders.com or contact your salesperson.

4. Delivery methods and periods
Standard delivery hours are Monday through Friday 9am – 6pm. On heavy delivery days we may extend these hours to accommodate more stops.
Direct Source Fleet - We own and operate a fleet of 8 vehicles. It is our goal to deliver as many local deliveries on our own vehicles as possible.
Third Party Carriers - We utilize several third party carriers such as SerPro for overages and outlying route deliveries.
UPS – We utilize United Parcel Service for package delivery in the continental USA in areas outside our delivery zones.
LTL – We contract with UPS Freight and Old Dominion for pallet size deliveries nationwide outside the DFW area. We reserve the right to utilize other carriers as needed unless otherwise specified by our customer. Special request may incur additional charges.

5. Delivery charges
All customers requiring special request such as guaranteed delivery times may incur additional charges. We try to accommodate time constraints as part of our metroplex routes however we cannot guarantee this. For an additional charge we are happy to send your order via courier and meet your requirements.

6. Delivery tracking
Our delivery drivers capture digital signatures with the number of packages and may ask for correct spelling of you name. They will also notate cash or check amount and check number in their PDA. This information is transmitted and uploaded real time to our system. Any member of our customer service team can provide proof of delivery, time and person signing for your order via phone or e-mail.

7. Receipt and signature
Unfortunately we cannot leave deliveries without an authorized signature. This is in place for the security of both you and Direct Source.

8. Collection
For COD customers our drivers are authorized to wait up to 15 minutes to collect funds. They cannot leave COD deliveries without payment. We are happy to have you fill out a credit application and establish credit terms with our company however many customers prefer COD. We also have the ability to keep a secured credit card on file for automation. We accept most major credit cards. Leaving COD’s without funds causes many issues after the fact such as confusion about payment and many extra steps for both Direct Source and you to reconcile these accounts. On COD deliveries our customer service team is happy to give you the total and we ask that you have your check ready for our driver prior to their arrival.

9. Delivery problems
Occasionally our drivers encounter unexpected issues such as closures, unavailable payment and busy times for customers. If you refuse an order our driver will request the name of the person refusing the delivery, notate that in our system and return. We will not try redelivery without authorization from our customer. For COD’s that are not ready or closures we will attempt up to 2 redeliveries then cancel the order if delivery is not completed.

Once again, thank you for your continued support and understanding as we try to maximize the efficiency and expectations of our drivers. We are proud of our team and hope you will let us know if there is anything we can do to enhance your customer experience.

Jay Earley
President, Direct Source Products